Pugmill Mixers

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Mixer Specifications
LFK 0726

380 TPH in ¾” aggregate

Max aggregate size

Electric motor
(1) 50 hp

Gear drive
BHS Patented Worm Gearboxes eliminate the maintenance, hassle and expense of timing gears

4 shaft seals standard

2 Large access doors in the mixing trough for easy cleanout
Discharge end drive motor
Centralized grease points

Electromagnetic locking devices and limit switches prevent the top doors from being opened during operation

LFK Brochure

350 TPH BHS Pugmill 350 tph BHS pugmill Pugmill Cleanout Doors

The BHS twin-shaft continuous pugmill mixer is a powerful, reliable solution for continuous mixing processes, particularly those with coarse aggregates. This mixer is especially suitable for producing mineral mixtures, RCC, landfill liners, lean concrete, heavy concrete and dry mixtures, etc.

The drives installed by BHS ensure high operational reliability, energy efficiency and long service life. The worm gearing is specially designed for the BHS twin-shaft continuous mixer and is highly efficient. The drive power is transmitted reliably by a V-belt drive. A torque support enables the drive to be freely suspended, thereby preventing shock loads within the transmission.

The counter-rotation of the two mixing shafts as well as the inclined position of the mixing tools result in an intense vertical and horizontal mixing motion.